17. South Cumbria Musical Festival, 30 March 2012

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We gathered with great excitement in the Coronation Hall to sing to a full audience and most importantly, to the wonderful adjudicator, Dr Vivien Pike. Some Ghyll Singers arrived in time to hear the beginning of the evening session - delightful solo singing by Year 10 to 13 students - before we had to tiptoe out of the hall to assemble as a choir. We then nipped back in, to take our allocated seating as competitors. The male voice choir class came before the ladies choirs and Barrow Male Voice Choir were fantastic as ever. We were impressed with the performance of the Regent Singers from Morecambe, who were singing in our class. We did our best and, on the night, that was enough for us to win! Always an exhilarating experience, our 2012 Festival experience ended with several of us + the trophy and a fair number of the male voice choir in a friendly local pub until (ahem!) rather late! 

We are grateful for the comments of the adjudicator: it's great to have suggestions from such an expert, which can only help us improve - thanks Dr Pike and SCMF! 


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