Miss Cox's Choir Folder

In the early days, choir members bought and retained their own copies of the music being sung. Mary had kept some copies from the early days and showed them to a fascinated Musical Director.

These items give an intriguing idea of the music sung by the choir in the 1940s: 

E C Bairstow: The Blessed Virgin's Cradle Song for Treble solo + chorus (1900)

G Bantock: O can ye sew cushions - SMC (1924)

J Brahms: The Gardener - SSA (undated)

J Brahms: Now all the roses are blooming - SSAA (undated)

B Britten: Old Abram Brown 4 equal voices (1936)

J Brydson: My soul, there is a country - unison (1939)

S Coleridge-Taylor: What can lambkins do - SSA (1908)

H Walford Davies: The Pedlar's Song - SSA (1932)

E Elgar: The Banner of St George - SSAA arrangement by H A Chambers (1934)

P E Fletcher: Follow me down to Carlow - SMC (1915)

J L Hatton: He that hath a pleasant face - SSA (undated)

C H Kitson: Whence is that goodly fragrance? - SATB (1930)

J Lyon: Lullaby of the moon-mist - SSC (1938)

W Shield: O happy fair; or The Loadstars - SSA (undated)

A Somervell: Pack clouds away - SSC (1914)

E Thiman: To Daffodils - SS (1928)

E MacDowell: Dance of the Gnomes - SSCC arr. P Ambrose (1919)

W McNaught: In Derry Vale - an arrangement of Londonderry Air for SMC (1928)

And from a later date:

T F Dunhill: How soft upon the ev'ning air SS arr. M Jacobson (1961)

E Thiman: Summer has come 2-part (1959)

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