Miss Cox's Choir Folder

These items give a fascinating idea of the music sung by the choir in the 1940s: 

E C Bairstow: The Blessed Virgin's Cradle Song for Treble solo + chorus (1900)

G Bantock: O can ye sew cushions - SMC (1924)

J Brahms: The Gardener - SSA (undated)

J Brahms: Now all the roses are blooming - SSAA (undated)

B Britten: Old Abram Brown 4 equal voices (1936)

J Brydson: My soul, there is a country - unison (1939)

S Coleridge-Taylor: What can lambkins do - SSA (1908)

H Walford Davies: The Pedlar's Song - SSA (1932)

E Elgar: The Banner of St George - SSAA arrangement by H A Chambers (1934)

P E Fletcher: Follow me down to Carlow - SMC (1915)

J L Hatton: He that hath a pleasant face - SSA (undated)

C H Kitson: Whence is that goodly fragrance? - SATB (1930)

J Lyon: Lullaby of the moon-mist - SSC (1938)

W Shield: O happy fair; or The Loadstars - SSA (undated)

A Somervell: Pack clouds away - SSC (1914)

E Thiman: To Daffodils - SS (1928)

E MacDowell: Dance of the Gnomes - SSCC arr. P Ambrose (1919)

W McNaught: In Derry Vale - an arrangement of Londonderry Air for SMC (1928)

And from a later date:

T F Dunhill: How soft upon the ev'ning air SS arr. M Jacobson (1961)

E Thiman: Summer has come 2-part (1959)

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